How can I create Thankboxes in bulk?

You can easily delivery appreciation at scale with our CSV import feature. Follow these steps if you want to create Thankboxes in bulk for many recipients.

Step 1: Click the "Create from CSV" option from the home screen

Head to your home screen, select the "Create Thankbox" button dropdown and click "Create from .CSV" option.

Where to find the "Create from CSV" option

Step 2: Download and populate the CSV template

Click the link in the new window that pops up to download the CSV template file. You can also download it by clicking here. Using the template you can create up to 50 Thankboxes in bulk.

Example of a populated bulk creation CSV file

In the template you can populate the following information for each recipient:

  • Name of the recipient.
  • Email where the Thankbox will be delivered.
  • Title of the Thankbox.
  • Sender name displayed on the Thankbox.
  • Whether you want to add a gift collection or not. When adding a collection it opens it to everyone but makes it so only the organiser can see it. You can change this for an individual Thankbox by following our guide.
  • What layout you want the Thankbox displayed in - either as a card or a board.
  • Optionally you can add the send date and time - when the Thankbox will be emailed to your recipient. Times are based on your local timezone.

Step 3: Drag & drop your completed CSV file into the box

Once you've completed your CSV file, just drag it into the upload box. The system will quickly validate it and if it's all good, you can progress to the next step. If there are any errors in the file we'll let you know so you can fix them and try again.

Uploading your completed CSV file

You can now click the "Continue" button to progress to the next step.

Final step: Verify your Thankbox list and create

In the final step you can quickly validate the details of the Thankboxes you'll be creating. When you're happy just click the "Create Now" button and you'll see your new Thankboxes on your dashboard list.

Verify your list before creating your Thankboxes

Pro tip: It's a good idea to have a Thankbox pack purchased when creating many cards at once since then you won't have to pay individually for each one. You can also purchase one after creating your Thankboxes and it'll be automatically applied to them.

Need finer grain control on your bulk created Thankboxes? Email us at and we'll be able to help you out.

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