How does cloning a Thankbox work?

You can use Thankbox cloning to create a duplicate of a card to send it to multiple recipients.

When you create a clone of a Thankbox, you just specify the name and email address you want to be attached to each copy, and then everything else on the Thankbox is copied across to the duplicates. That includes:

  • All messages and associated media;
  • The background & icon;
  • The title & team name;
  • Whether it's premium or classic.

If the source Thankbox had a collection, then the duplicates will have the same currency and collection visibility settings but will start with an empty gift collection.

Step 1: Choose the source Thankbox

You can consider this your master Thankbox. Make sure you already have it set up the way you like and have collected the messages you wish to copy.

Step 2: Clone the Thankbox from your Dashboard

Head to your main dashboard at and find the master Thankbox in your list. Click the menu icon next to it and select Clone Thankbox.

An image showing where the

Step 3: Enter the recipient information for each clone

Enter the recipient name and email address for each Thankbox you want to be created. If you need more than one clone, click the Add another button. You can create a maximum of 3 clones at once.

A screenshot of the Clone Thankbox form.

Once you're done, click Continue, and you'll see the new copies instantly created.

A screenshot of the Dashboard with the cloned Thankboxes.

You can now manage these new Thankboxes as you did with the original. You can share the contribution link with others and schedule them. You can fully customise them. When these Thankboxes are sent, all contributors who had a cloned message and have given their email addresses will be notified.

Any active Thankbox Packs you have will be applied to these new copies, so you won't have to purchase them separately.

If you purchase a Thankbox Pack after making your copies, then it'll be applied retroactively to them as well.

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