How can I send the Thankbox to the recipient without emailing it?

If your recipient has lost access to their emails or there's another reason why they can't access their emails you can send them their special link directly.

From your Thankbox management page click the Resend button.An image of the top part of the Thankbox management page showing where the "Resend" button is.From here you can choose to re-send the Thankbox to a different email address if your recipient has one. Alternatively, you can click the Get Recipient Link button:

An image of the Thankbox sending form showing where the "Get Recipient Link" button is.This will open up a popup which will have the special link you can send to the recipient. After you click Copy to clipboard you'll then be able to paste the link in a chat message, WhatsApp, Slack, SMS or any other means you have of reaching your recipient.

A screenshot of the "Get Recipient Link" popup where the "Copy to clipboard" button is located.

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