How does the prepaid card option work?

Issuing your gift collection as a prepaid card is a great way to give yourself extra flexibility with what to spend your gift on. In most cases a prepaid card can be used like a regular debit card - for online purchases at your favourite stores.

Before following this guide, please take a look at our guide on redeeming your gift collection if you haven't already. This guide picks up after Step 5 in that guide.

My collection is in USD and I am present in the United States

If you're issuing your collection in USD and you have a US address then you will have the option of issuing either a physical or virtual Visa card.

From your product selection, you can select which card option you prefer - a physical Visa or a virtual one. Please follow the instructions provided on the website with regard to shipping times and where the card may be used. Please read the terms of service carefully.

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Once your card is issued you will get access to a portal from which you can manage it. For any help with your card please contact our supplier, Tremendous, at

My collection is in USD, GBP or EUR and I am not in the United States

The prepaid Visa card option is temporarily unavailable for GBP gift collections due to pending infrastructure changes. Please redeem your gift as a prepaid GBP Mastercard. We apologise for the inconvenience.

If you're not present in the US and you are issuing your collection in another of our supported currencies you may choose the Virtual Visa international option.

Where to find the Virtual VISA International card.

This is a USD-denominated virtual Visa card that can be used for all online purchases worldwide. If your collected amount is not in USD then it'll be converted based on the current rates. There are no currency conversion fees for using this card. Please read the terms of service carefully.

An image of the Terms and Conditions of the Virtual Prepaid VISA card.

For collections in GBP or EUR you also have an additional option of claiming your card as a prepaid Mastercard which is denominated in either GBP or EUR. This requires you to have a physical address in the UK for GBP cards or a Eurozone country for EUR ones. To access it, choose the Gift cards option at the first step and then search for "Mastercard" in the field and click the option.

How to find the Mastercard option using the search bar.

From there you can issue your card. You will be taken to another provider, Prepaid Digital Solutions, which issues the Mastercard. You will have the option to request a physical card but there will be a charge involved and a waiting time of a few weeks for it to arrive. Please read the terms of service carefully.

An image of the Terms and Conditions of the prepaid Mastercard.

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