How can I redeem the collected cash in my Thankbox?

There are a few simple steps you need to follow to redeem your gift.

Step 1: Open your Thankbox page. There you will see several buttons, one of them saying Redeem your gift, which you need to click on.

A screenshot of the Thankbox page showing where the "Redeem your gift" button is.Step 2: Once you hit the button, the redemption process will begin and you will be required to provide an email address to which the gift card will be sent as well as choose the currency you want it to be issued.

A screenshot of the "Redeem your gift" form.We support redeeming in GBP, EUR and USD.

How to choose the gift card currency.Step 3: After that enter the email address you'd like your gift card issued to. Tip - it's always best to use a personal, rather than a work email address.

A screenshot of the field where you need to write the email address your card will be issued to.Step 4: Then, when you are ready, click on the Continue button and you will be taken to a page hosted by our gift card provider, Tremendous. Click the Redeem button to begin your gift card issue process.

A screenshot of the page hosted by our gift card provider, Tremendous.Step 5: Pick your redemption option. You can redeem your Thankbox as either a prepaid payment card or a gift card to a retailer. If you are interested in a prepaid card please check out our article on how prepaid cards work.

A screenshot of the "Choose your card" form.Step 6: Search for your retailer of choice. If you want a specific retailer try typing their name in the search box.

An image demonstrating how to use the search bar to find a specific retailer.Step 7: Issue your gift card or prepaid card. Please read the terms and conditions of your chosen option carefully. Once your card is issued you will be subject to the terms of service of the chosen retailer or prepaid card provider. 

A screenshot of the "Terms and conditions" screen.

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