How do occasion reminders work?

With Thankbox occasion reminders, you can effortlessly stay informed about upcoming events you'd like to celebrate with a Thankbox.

You can easily set up a reminder and get an email in time to create a Thankbox for the recipient. This is great for events such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Retirements
  • Farewell parties
  • Work anniversaries
  • Wedding anniversaries

To set up a reminder just head to the reminders tab on the main dashboard. From there, select Create a Reminder

From there all you need to do is just enter the recipient's name, the occasion & date and how far in advance you want to be notified.

Filled out reminder form

Once the special date approaches, you'll get a handy email from us letting you know it's time to setup a Thankbox.

That's it - no more forgotten birthdays or anniversaries! You can easily stay on top of all occasions with Thankbox reminders.

If you'd like to set up multiple reminders for a lot of people, then have a look at our guide on creating reminders in bulk.

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