How does ordering flowers through Thankbox work?

🇬🇧 Please note that shipping flowers & other gifts is only available to UK Thankboxes 🇬🇧

Go the extra mile for your recipient and send them a bouquet of beautiful flowers along with their Thankbox. A physical gift to match their virtual card.

At Thankbox we've partnered with Bloom & Wild, the UK's most sustainably responsible florist with, in our opinion, the best looking arrangements on offer. You can order one of their beautiful bouquets to be delivered to your recipient.

Here are the steps to send your recipient flowers along with their Thankbox.

First, to access the gift shop click the Send a gift button from your Thankbox management page:

Where to find the "send a gift" button

From the gift shop you can pick a bouquet you like.

Thankbox gift browser

Once you've selected one, click the Continue button.

Proceeding with selected flower purchase

You'll be taken to a page where you can enter your recipient's gift delivery info. You can pick your delivery date and supply your recipient's address details. If you haven't scheduled or sent your Thankbox yet, you can select that from here.

You can also write a message to attach to the card which will be sent along with the flowers.

Screenshot that shows the gift delivery info you need to enter

Once you're ready, click the Continue to checkout button to proceed to payment.

If you haven't paid for your Thankbox yet, it'll be added to your cart. This is because gifts cannot be sent to unpaid Thankboxes.

If you have a gift collection with your Thankbox you can choose to pay for the gift from the collected total. Your recipient will receive the remainder to issue as a gift card or prepaid card of their choice as described in this article.

Checkout form for Thankbox & selected gift

That's it! We'll take it from here. We will let you know when your order is shipped and, more importantly, when it's been delivered!

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