How does paying for my Thankbox from the gift collection balance work?

If you've added a gift collection to your Thankbox then you can choose to pay for your Thankbox from the collection balance instead of paying separately for the Thankbox. This is a great way to split the cost of sending the card amongst all the contributors.

This option only becomes available if you have enough money collected to cover the cost of sending the Thankbox.

When ready to pay for the Thankbox click the Pay Thankbox button or the Send or Schedule button from your management screen. In the payment details section click the Pay from collection balance option.

This will take the payment for your Thankbox from the pot of money you've collected. You'll also be given the option to round up your collection balance by donating the 0.01 difference to our tree-planting initiative. This both keeps the collection amount nicely rounded for the recipient and helps us plant even more trees!

Once you're ready just click the Pay button - your chosen amount will be taken out of the collection and your Thankbox will be paid.

If you don't wish to send your Thankbox yet you can click the Cancel button on the send form to go back to the management page.

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