What will the recipient see when I send the Thankbox?

First off - we send them an email with a special link to open their Thankbox. If the Thankbox contains a gift collection, this email will include information on the total amount collected.

An image of an example email which the recipient will receive once the Thankbox is send.When they open up the page your recipient will see the same grid of messages you do but with a nice opening animation beforehand.

An image of an example opening animation that the recipient will first see.

A screenshot of the Thankbox recipient's view.Then they have some options available:

  • They can redeem their gift collection (if one is available)
  • They can reply to everyone who left a message on their Thankbox
  • They can download it as a PDF
  • They can create a public share link to their Thankbox

If you want to see a preview of how your Thankbox will look to the recipient just click the View as Recipient button from your management page.

Where to find the "View as Recipient" button on the Thankbox management screen.

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