How do I invite others to contribute to my Thankbox?

When you create your Thankbox we'll email you instructions which contain the link you need to send to your team. 

You can also copy the link from your Thankbox management page by clicking on the Invite contributors button. Then click the Copy link to clipboard button that you see. That will copy the link to your clipboard and you'll be able to paste it into an email, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp or any other chat app.

An image of the Thankbox management page showing where to find the invite link to your Thankbox.The link is just to the same page you're on when you're managing your Thankbox so you can also copy the link from your browser toolbar and share it. Don't worry - contributors won't see all the Thankbox management options you can. Those are only visible to you as the creator.

What recipients see is just a page with the messages and a button to add their own:

An example of a Thankbox screen which the contributors will see.

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