How can I add my own custom background to the Thankbox?

Adding your own custom background is a premium Thankbox feature. You need to have created your Thankbox as a premium one or upgrade it in order to add your own background.

First, head to your Thankbox management page and click Edit Background. Then click the Create your own button.

Step 1 - Click "Edit Background" button
Step 2- Click "Create our own" button

You'll see the set of background customisation options at the top of the screen. Start with uploading your image via the Upload background option.

A screenshot showing the background customisation options.

The maximum image size you can upload is 20MB.

After that, you can customise the recipient name, Thankbox title and message colours

Pro tip: You can collapse the side panel using the button near the bottom of the screen so you can see your background in full screen.

Once you're done just click Save background and voilĂ ! Your new background will be applied to your Thankbox. It'll be saved to your profile and you can reuse it for other Thankboxes in the future!

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