How can I add my own icon to the Thankbox?

Adding your own custom icon is a premium Thankbox feature. You need to have created your Thankbox as a premium one or upgrade it in order to use it first.

First, head to your Thankbox management page and click Edit Icon. Then click the Add your own icon button.

A screenshot of the Thankbox management page showing the location of the

From there you can upload your own image to appear as the Thankbox icon. We support all common image formats, like JPEG, PNG & SVG. Animated GIFs are not supported.

A screenshot showing how to upload your own image for the icon.

Once you've chosen your image, you can also zoom or drag it to get your chosen crop. After that click on the Save changes button and you'll see your image appear on the Thankbox.

A screenshot demonstrating how to reposition and save the uploaded image using the preview option.

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