How do I download a Thankbox as the creator?

A Thankbox can be downloaded as a high-resolution PDF file, which can then be printed to physically save all of the messages. You can download it at any time once you have paid for it. There are two ways to save the card.

1.  One of them is to download the Thankbox from your Dashboard. Just go to and click on the three dots of the Thankbox you wish to save.

A screenshot of the Dashboard showing where the three dots are located.

When the drop-down menu opens, click on the Download Thankbox button and choose a location on your computer or mobile phone to save the file.

A screenshot of the drop-down menu showing where the

2. The other way to download the Thankbox is from the management page. Simply open the management page of the Thankbox and click on the Download Thankbox button to save the card.

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